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Mikael Strandänger, MSc Engineering Physics and Astrophysics
史明凯, 理学硕士工程物理及天体物理

Project manager, professional advisor: leading, creating, developing, catalyzing and financing projects in science, research, human rights and the arts - connecting to business and philanthropists since 1989 



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A selection of on-going and previous projects

Music is a great Investment MIAGI – South African not-for-profit organisation that unites the power of classical, indigenous and jazz and thus offers a key to positive social development and to deepunderstanding between people across all borders

Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum (Entreprenörskapsforum) - the leading network organization for generating and transferring policy relevant research in the field of entrepreneurship and small enterprise development

Drivhuset encourages more people and students to take the plunge setting up and running their own businesses. Through providing coaching, education (LOOPA methodology) and meeting places for students and entrepreneurs, Drivhuset has successfully facilitated launches of more than 5,000 startups since 2010. Drivhuset operates in close proximity to 14 universities across the Sweden.

Researcher’s Night (ForskarFredag) - the last Friday of September has been designated Researchers’ Night by the European Commission. Across Sweden and all over Europe hundreds of activities are organised to show members of the public how exciting research can be and how relevant science actually is to our daily lives.

Life, Space and the Universe inspirational lectures and workshops, based on recent research findings, spiced with exciting, but well-founded speculation

The Annual General Meeting for Physicians 2013 - Sweden's biggest forum where physicians can receive training and discuss general issues within health care

Raoul Wallenberg 2012 - the centenary of the birth of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust

Global Health beyond 2015 – process to raise awareness of the meaning of globalisation for health

Örebro 2010 - promotion of the historic city of Örebro in connection with the bicentenary celebrations of Jean Baptiste Bernadotte's election as crown prince of Sweden in 1810

Märkesåret 1809 - the joint Swedish/Finnish government project about the 2009 bicentennial of the division of Sweden

Linnaeus 2007 - the world wide tercentenary celebrations of the birth of the renowned Swedish biologist Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778)



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